We try to make your trip planning as easy as possible...

1) Take a good look at our ministry, trip descriptions, and what others say about our trips here and on our Facebook page. Most of the info you will need is online and we welcome your questions. Need a reference? We are happy to have you talk to other trip leaders.

2) Call or email us to express interest in a trip. We'll  gather more info about your group, then prepare a Trip Quote. You can make your decision and easily present the trip to any other decision-makers. 

3) Review the Trip Quote and let us know if the basic details and pricing will work. We are solution-oriented so let us know what we can do to help get you here. We can also provide ideas for fundraising and asking for support.

4) The Trip Quote includes a Group Registration form. Please tell us how many people you plan to bring. Once we gain agreement on the terms of your trip, you will need to get this back to us with a deposit to save your dates. If you plan a day trip or urban ministry activity for less than 30 people, the deposit is only $150. For day trips and urban ministry activities with more than 30 people and all other trips the deposit is $300. 

5) Once we receive the deposit, our program director will contact you and work to establish the details for your urban missions trip. Trip itineraries get more specific the closer we get to your trip. Cancellation of some projects and activities are beyond our control and may need to be replaced with alternative activities. We make every effort to honor the desired focus and outcomes for your trip.

6) About 6 weeks before you arrive, we will re-confirm your group size and invoice you for that number of people at the agreed upon rate. Your final rate will be based on the number of people you plan to bring at this time. 

7) Final balance is due two weeks before you arrive so that we have the resources to host your group.

8) Have your group fill out the necessary paperwork for the trip, including our release forms (we have one for adults and a different one for minors). There may also be additional release forms to be filled out if you will be working with one of our ministry partners. Please make a copy of your group's paperwork... one set for yourself and originals for us. Most groups have their own trip roster... a copy of this is very helpful. 

9) Show up! We can settle up when you get here for any "last-minute" participants. Turn in your paperwork to our designated staff person. 

10) You are here... enjoy your trip!  

You can download Registration and Release Forms here.

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